I heard a voice from the infinite say:

What did you do for your soul today?

Did you help the world sing a happier song?

Forgive someone who had done you wrong?


Did you help a stranger on lifeís hard road?

Did you  try to lighten anotherís load?

Restore the dreams to an empty heart?

Give a failure a brand new start?


Did you coax a smile from a tearful face?

Stand by someone in disgrace?

Go out of your way for some wandering boy?

Did you build someone up when tíwas easier to destroy?


I heard a voice from the infinite say:

What did you do for your soul today? 

Geraldine Innocente


January 17, 2021

To all who choose to receive these words from days long past, you must be fully prepared to put them into practice in your daily lives beginning today. This is my only requirement. It is time beloved ones to begin the next phase in your spiritual development and further refine that with which you are already well versed. The need of the hour requires it, in fact demands it, for this planet truly is at a turning point and needs additional assistance.

You may continue to obtain knowledge and do very little with this information or you can choose to pick up and hold high our beloved brother Saint Germainís Banner of Freedom sharing all the gifts and blessings  you have acquired since stepping upon the spiritual path with others. The choice is yours and yours alone to make.


Lady Miriam