Holy Ĉolus

February 10, 1977

"I met God in the morning when day was at its best"

As each dawn comes over the horizon, through the Love of the Father-Mother God we are given a new opportunity! This should bring great joy to all life. Why re-live the experiences of yesterday, for if we do we delay our progress and energize the negative conditions which may have been a part of time which has flown.

Each dawn we have a page upon which to write the Beauty which is part of our Holy Christ Self... if we decide upon awakening to let that Christ Self be the controlling factor in our life... we will find that we will proceed in perfect Peace and Love. When you decide to surrender your all  upon the Altar of that Divine Self, you will find that all your actions, motivated by your feeling world, will be a benediction upon all life.

Every dawn you receive the Pure Light of the Almighty and it is entirely within your capacity to dispense that Light for whatever constructive purpose you desire to expand, be it something you desire for yourself, or for some project that will raise the consciousness of all humanity.

As you turn your thoughts to the Holy Christ Self and decide to let it be the controlling factor in your world, new ideas will be presented to you and as you draw forth the Light to fulfill these "new" thoughts and ideas, you will find that other lifestreams will be drawn to your Light to assist in the fulfillment of God's Divine Ideas which have been lowered into your consciousness.

As you catch a vision of Truth, and act upon it, you place your feet on another rung of the Ladder of Light, and with concentration and perseverance at your command you can fulfill that vision. Then as a sense of victorious accomplishment fills your consciousness, you will know that you have been attended by the Angels who have helped to point the way for the fulfillment of your vision.

There is no limitation in the use of God's Holy Energy and when you are fulfilling God's Divine Ideas for the blessing of all life, that Light touches and expands the riches of the Kingdom of Heaven, which are always pulsating in the Inner Realms waiting for some lifestream, or lifestreams, to magnetize them into the physical appearance world.

As your vision becomes the reality of the day, you will find that doors of which you knew not have been opened and that blessings without limit will fill your world.

Keep your consciousness On High and live in your Holy Christ Self at all times. TODAY is the day - yesterday has flown - and tomorrow will soon become TODAY!

You will learn that the Holy Christ Self will always inspire you to climb the Ladder of Light into the Realm of Perfection. Remember, that the Spirit of the Almighty within you can do all things thru you, at all times, when you relinquish all power of the little self... and LET GOD!

Greet thee the Dawn, in Humility and Love Divine!

Ĉolus, Cosmic Holy Spirit.





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