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Beloved Kuthumi

In spiritual study the "Mirror of the Mind" has been referred to on numerous occasions. The outer mind is a sensitive impressionable "plate" used as a "conductor" for the Divine Ideation released from God's Perfect Plan. It is the means by which the Divine Will is interpreted, and then, according to the facilities of the interpreter, it is put into physical manifestation.

The outer mind was never intended to be a generating center for independent thought processes, but really as the receiver of the impulses from the Heart Center of Creation, which the individual then utilized to fulfill his or her part in the Divine Plan.

In the Great Scheme of things there is only ONE MIND, not many, and this great Perfect Mind of God was intended to express itself through the many manifestations of the ONE, and the outer self was intended to be merely a conduit in the physical world to take the Divine Ideas and, through the uses of the substances of the four elements, mold them into form.

Because of the nature of the outer mind working through the brain, it is constantly reflecting pictures of one sort or another, because that is its natural avenue of service to the lifestream. Having lost its focus, instead of the Perfect Pictures of the Divine Self, it reflects the conglomeration of thoughts and feelings and the written and spoken words of other outer minds who are likewise off focus: This conglomeration of "facts and fancies" form the intellectual accretion which in an individual is referred to as a "good mind" or a "brilliant intellect". In reality it is but a trash heap for the effluvia of other ignorant, or sometimes illumined individuals.

Every person, someday, must come to realize that the outer mind is the servant of the Divine Presence. You may take that mind just as you would focus a telescopic plate upon the Truth, and there would flow into that outer consciousness a perfectly clear understanding of that which is and that which is to be, The original crystal gazers were fully conscious of this and the Crystal Ball represents the clear mind in which the Truth of the Universe is revealed.

The brain is the instrument that the mind uses but the mind itself is the instrument of the Spirit! When these three are one you have a balanced union and an awakened adept, When these three act independently of each other, you have an off-center expression which, through outer interest and desire, is oftimes working wholly independent of the Divine Plan and seldom or ever is in accord with it.

The mind substance fits into the brain as a hand fits into a glove. It is etheric in composition. Pure ether is crystal in substance and the mind to become fully alert to the impressions of Divinity, must return to this crystal quality of substance. Therefore, to work eternally on the purification of the mind is to achieve great dexterity in transmitting the thoughts of Divinity into expression, This crystal, clear etheric substance, which we call the outer mind, should be constantly at peace, with no thought of self-generating expression, but like the sea, reflecting the Sun. It should be constantly open to the Divine Plan of the Universe and then, seeing and knowing that Plan, the individual should go forth expressing it.

The "case" into which the mind is fitted is the physical brain. This is made up of the Earth substance, the elementals of the lower octaves and is likewise impinged with the atomic chaos of wrong living. Pure as alabaster, light as the Sun, must the brain structure become and then the illumined mind is a beautiful and strong instrument with which to work.

The substances taken into the body as food are most quickly felt by the physical atoms of the brain, and as soon as they reach the solar plexus their effect is felt on the brain structure. That is why in Crotona I was so extremely careful of diet. To achieve dexterity of the intellect, alertness of body and illumination of the mind, the diet should be carefully prepared and ADHERED TO!







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