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Holy Ćolus

Let us turn our attention to the Kingdom of Nature. In its real expression, it gives us a lesson of the Truth of Life. The trunk of the tree represents the Spiritual "I AM" Presence, and the many branches are the lifestream's activities through the various spheres of life. The bud, the leaf, flower and fruit are representative of the personality of the lifestream in a certain season, or incarnation.

An excellent example of the entire Identity of humanity is the fruit of the tree. You will recall that the symbol of the Tree of Life was used in earlier times in the teaching of the Law of Life. The study of the rhythmic course of the season shows that the bud, leaf, flower and fruit make a temporary appearance in the world of form, abide there for a time, and then disappear. Even the unawakened lifestream knows that the tree does not cease to be through the passing of its seasonal harvest.

Humanity, however, in the course of his entrance into the world of form in thousands of embodiments, places his interest, faith and consciousness in the 'bud' of one season. If, through natural manifestation or some other reason the flower does not bloom, humanity suffers unnecessary grief in seeing what he believes the extinction of a soul on Earth. In the Nature Kingdom he accepts the fact that an early bud is replaced by another, and no harm is done. The same is true in the world of men.

I bring this lesson to your attention to further imprint upon your consciousness that ‘there is no death’. We have just had the benefit of the magnificent radiation attendant to the celebration of the Feast of Easter at which time our beloved Master Jesus sent such a powerful radiation into the Earth plane of the Resurrection and the Life.

My beloved chelas, through the power of the Resurrection Flame draw forth into expression in the world of form those dormant God Qualities which just await your acceptance for the benefaction of yourself and all humankind. Permit the 'buds' of your lifestream to come into full flower through recognition of the God Power within and living in a state of Grace, through the harmonious control of your energy - God's Energy so freely allotted to you.


Every lifestream belonging to the Planet Earth has the same Life Force flowing through it, and is the recipient of the multiple Blessings of the Father-Mother God.

It is the qualification of the life Essence which flows through the individual which changes the vibratory action and makes each one a radiating center for the different Gifts of the One Supreme Source, according to the Ray or Rays to which he has an affinity. This is all on the Positive side of the ledger.

But... humanity through his free will choice in his experiments with Energy has chosen through the ages to mis-qualify that Sacred Life Force with imperfection, stamping the Energy flowing through him with negation. If you do not permit the Energy to outpour into the Universe as God intended, you are imprinting it with a negative or imperfect pattern. Anyone who does not constructively qualify the God Energy is rejecting the Gifts of the One Supreme Source and adding to the mass effluvia of the Planet.

You cannot put a reel of film which you took on a trip to say Hawaii in your home movie camera and expect to see outpictured an excursion which you made to some other place. That reel of film has recorded the events upon which you focused the camera during that specific time.

It is the same with the Essence which is constantly flowing through you, you imprint upon it that which you are thinking and feeling at a given moment, and this is recorded on your inner vehicles.

However, through the merciful action of the Spiritual Law you can transmute previous mis-qualifications from being recorded over and over in your lower vehicles and become a conductor for the Gifts of the Father-Mother God and fulfill that part of the Divine Plan which is to be your Gift to the Universe.

I counsel you to now qualify the Sacred Essence of Life with Perfection at all times and add to the storehouse of your glorious Causal Body, by building daily, hourly, a momentum of the Virtues of the Godhead.


Since the consciousness of the masses is closed to our Presence in the Universe, those of you who stand above that group provide us with the necessary avenues through which to channel the Gifts of our Energy into the world of form.

You are all navigating the great River of Life, and the numerous places of rest and peace which you must of necessity reach in this journey are provided through Grace, in Love, by the Ascended Host of Light who have gone this same way. However, the conquering of the rushing waters of the river, which you are required to meet, are less strenuous than in former eras.

The whirlpools of energy which must be encountered are of your own making, through your previous mis-use of God's Energy so freely allotted you for the expansion of his Kingdom on Earth. Every electron which you have mis-qualified through your various and numerous excursions must be redeemed and that energy put to use in the manner in which it was ordained.

How merciful is the Spiritual Law, and the Love of those Beings who have preceded you in reaching the Source, to have provided the way and means of sailing your craft through less perilous waters, through the use of the Sacred Fires of Purification and Transmutation.

As you proceed on your journey home and from time to time encounter the torrents of energy which seem insurmountable to you, know that there is the way and means of safe convoy thru the use of the Sacred Fire, which will as surely calm the waters and assist you to proceed, as the Sun shines in the Heavens to give Light and Warmth to this Planet and all her evolutions.





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