The Temple of Harmony

Pulsating in the Etheric Realm over Waikiki is the Temple of Harmony. As we approach this Focus we pass through the luxuriant gardens filled with exquisite tropical plants and flowers. The atmosphere is filled with the glorious Radiation of the Flame of Harmony, and even the blades of grass beneath our feet bend in gentle harmonious rhythm in respect for the life which has touched their life... and the fragrance of the flowers blend into an aroma which raises our consciousness and assists us to absorb the Radiation of this magnificent Focus.

The Temple is of a substance like unto alabaster. Around, and supporting the structure, is a colonnade, and as we enter we see that the walls are covered with beautiful Murals depicting the Ceremonial Activities which were the order of the day before most of the Continent of Lemuria sank beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

If the chela would ask his Sponsor when this Retreat is specifically honored to pause and let him contemplate the Rituals, it is possible that he could make them a part of his etheric consciousness, and at a later date be able to translate them for Services on the Earth plane.

In the main section of the Temple it will be noted that the ceiling is a transparent Dome, through which one can view the Higher Heavens in their glorious expression.

The Flame of Pink, Gold and Blue burns within a brazier, on a pedestal before the beautiful altar. This altar is circular and when the Hierarch, or Officiate, is engaged in Service, with the pressure of his hand, it revolves so that he may meet the gaze of each one who has had the privilege of entering this Sacred Room!

At the time of the Transmission of the Flame Ceremony the Brotherhood of this Focus will intone melodic Chants which will raise the consciousness of all present to truly absorb the Radiation of Harmony.

When Lemuria arises and the Temple of Harmony is again upon the Earth's surface, the Ceremonial Activities which are shown in the entresol, will present the Rituals which are to be duplicated and expanded in the service of magnetizing the Flame of Harmony from the Temple around the Great Central Sun to enrich all the evolutions of this Planet. The Radiation of this Flame of Harmony is still filtered into the substance of Waikiki and environs and is accountable for the feeling of Peace and Harmony experienced even today by all who live here or visit this locality.

We would now draw your attention to the fact that this is the Focal point for the Radiation of Beloved LaMorae and that the Focus at Madagascar is of an entirely different nature and purpose. That Focus, as you know, serves in conjunction with the Temple of the Sun of Light Eternal at Yucatan. Just as in the physical appearance world individuals own homes in different parts of the world, so does Beloved LaMorae have many Foci from whence the Radiation of Harmony does flow.

Always bear in mind, however, that the Etheric Focus over Waikiki is the Principal Focus of the Flame of Harmony for this Earth.

During this month as the chelas travel here in their etheric garments they will be greatly benefited from the harmonizing radiation and the glorious music which flows at all times in muted tones from this Retreat.

The composers of note through the ages have been invited to this Retreat and have been spiritually stimulated to record that which they heard at Etheric Levels, thus perpetuating the Music of the Spheres, if even in part, on the Earth.






Rays of Light Divine --

Seek and ye shall find,

In the heart of thine,

All things are Divine,

Claim your heritage for Earth's New Golden Age

And take your rightful place in Earth's New Race,

Part of one great sea of God's great Harmony. 


LaMorae Thine's the Way

Great God Harmony.

Wills all bend, Tones all blend

In God Harmony,

One great song sings all day long --

Mine now to be all Harmony

LaMorae Thine's too my way

In God's Own Great Harmony,




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