Ascension Thursday

The Ascended Master Jesus

February 9, 1977

The chelas are becoming increasingly aware that their Goal in life experience is to attain the Ascension in the Light. As we celebrate the anniversary of my Ascension in May, I would like to share with you a few thoughts...

In the great honor accorded me through the Christian Era, little has been understood with regard to my service performed on Holy Thursday wherein I offered the body and blood of my lifestream to the beloved friends gathered with me that hour.

It was my Consciousness that I chose to share with them which I hoped they would continue to partake of in the knowledge that there is no separation in the bonds of Love. Humanity is constantly (consciously and otherwise) partaking of the consciousness of each other through the written and spoken word, through radiation and picturize idea, but it is seldom that humankind aspires to partake of the consciousness of an Ascended Being, which is always open to any supplicant.

When I said, "I have food that ye know not of", I spoke of this great Cosmic Consciousness of which I partook freely and in which I lived constantly. You, too, have food that your own lifestreams know not of, and if you would choose to draw from the Ascended Master Consciousness, rather than dwelling, accepting and living upon the human consciousness' reports of your own and other human beings outer senses, you would know the Peace and Perfection which it was my humble endeavor to manifest to humanity centuries ago.

This Holy Communion is an entirely spiritual Feast, during which any unascended being can open himself to the Nature of one or more Perfected Expressions of the God Life.

As the human consciousness of other lifestreams flows into your own when your attention is upon them, with disfavor or otherwise, they affect the tone and nature of your own being. So, also, does the Godly Consciousness flow, carrying within itself rivers of Healing, Illumination, Peace and Well-being.

All men choose consciously or unconsciously whatever state of consciousness they wish to entertain and live within... but the awakened chela has the opportunity to tune into and dwell within the Ascended Jesus Christ Consciousness until it becomes as much a part of his nature as the human consciousness of the world before his awakening affected his mannerisms, characteristics and reactions.

Having achieved the ultimate Glory of the Ascension through the sustained consciousness of GOOD, I refused to entertain evil, and that Consciousness which "I AM" can be a tremendous resurrecting power when drawn through your own consciousness, as a great Flame enfolds the lesser and the two become ONE.

If the weight and pressure of the human consciousness finds your soul unable to aspire the invocation of my Consciousness through yourself can do much to disconnect the lifestream from the contemplation of imperfection and anchor it again into a sustained effort to live within the consciousness of GOOD alone, which is the mutual or shared Consciousness of every Perfected Being, of Angels and of Solar Lords.

As we celebrate Ascension Thursday, I shall send forth a great outpouring of my Cosmic Consciousness to envelop the Planet Earth and her people, and whether they are aware or not of my Presence and Victory, yet that Presence and Attainment, being part of their life will flow through their inner vehicles in an uplifting, transmuting activity which is for their mutual benefit and spiritual evolution.

To you, dear chelas, I give my individualized flame, within which is the substance of my life and the radiation of my nature, and the characteristics of my Being, which you, if you acknowledge and accept, may use to amplify your own natural current expression.

** ** **

Jesus, we greet thee on this day of days,

Master of Love who trod the Path before us;

Thy understanding Light and patient ways -

E 'en as we think of thee, thy gifts restore us.

Memories arise of days gone by,

When, with thy gentle heart we sought oft

To bring love's ministration.

Now is OUR time! OUR day is come!

Jesus, crown all with thy Victory who

Serve thee and thy Cause of Light.



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