Summer Conference

Lady Kwan Yin

July 28, 1994

Beloved children of divine love,

I deeply honor and treasure your beings, for they are the instruments through which forgiveness is precipitated into the Earth. As you listen to my words, may the mantle of mercy and compassion intensify around you. These qualities set you free from judgment, helping you to understand the many actions and reactions in your world.

Through this understanding, you will come to the realization that the balancing of the threefold flame is a unique ritual for each lifestream. To set your own household in divine order, you must discover the qualities within yourself which require healing. It is up to you to find the threshold of this higher understanding, over which you may then step, to be initiated into the daily ritual of harmonizing your Christ flame. During this process, the flame of forgiveness, mercy and compassion will be of great assistance in your personal development. It will help you to perceive the activity of the waves of energy created by your actions and reactions, without allowing you to be caught up in them and swept away. From this objective point of view, you are then able to fully channel the violet fire of freedom's love, focusing your attention upon the work of creating a pure and peaceful atmosphere in, through, and around your four lower vehicles.

Beloved chelas, you are aware of the importance of the group work. Each member must work to keep the healing energy as strong and harmonious as possible. Any time you perceive areas of weakness within the group, the members must surround it with the flame of comfort and mercy, until it can be completely purified and raised above the personal. This healing work should be done in silence, with the understanding that words can stir human emotions, delaying the healing process. Offer instead the gifts of love, mercy, forgiveness and compassion. Working in unity with the Christ in all life, you are setting aside the human so it can be purified and transmuted into a higher consciousness. The Holy Christ Self then joyously receives these blessings.

If you wish, you may use the activity of the Holy Breath to perform this service. On the inbreath, draw the blessings from the universal source of all life. As you hold your breath in, enfold these gifts within your compassionate love. On the outbreath, surround your brother or sister in this blessing. On the projection of your breath, release the specific virtues of God to their Christ within. However, your responsibility does not end there, beloved ones, for you must then let it go, knowing that your work has been perfectly accomplished.

Dear children, one of the major challenges of the new age of spiritual freedom is achieving unity and brotherhood within the diversity of the thoughts, feelings, and actions of those around you. When you know and understand that your needs may differ from those of your fellow traveler, and you accept him as he is without reservation, you are indeed blessed, for you are showing great strength in holding the immaculate concept.

One aspect of this unity and brotherhood is manifested when you form the healing circle in the beautiful activity of healing. This circle is always active, pulsating in the etheric realm, and it is an integral part in manifesting the fullness of the Christ in all life through the activity of the Body of Light.

As you know, I have a strong connection with the healing ray, which is expressed in my flame of deep violet with a crystalline aquamarine radiance. My temple of mercy and compassion is surrounded by twelve smaller temples, whose roof lines incline toward the central temple in reverence, protecting the focus of the mercy flame. Each smaller temple is dedicated to the service of drawing and magnetizing one of the twelve aspects of deity from the Sun of beloved Helios and Vesta. The brotherhood in each temple then projects this energy into the central temple, adding its radiation to that of the mercy flame. Be assured, beloved ones, you are most welcome to visit my temple and assist in this work. At your call, I will send a member of my Brotherhood to escort you safely to my sanctuary.

Dear friends of mercy and compassion, when a healing class is over and your focus turns to other matters, the circle is not broken, for your consciousness sustains this activity. Wherever you are, the rays emanating from your Christ flame are qualified with healing energies and energies for peace. They shall cover the entire planet, for you are an integral cell in the living Body of Light.

I thank and bless you for being a part of my life and service; and may the mercy flame illumine the path before you.

I AM your sister and friend of mercy,

Lady Kwan Yin






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