Assimilation and Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern

April 1995



ELECTRONIC PATTERN: As The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom chelas and all lightworkers everywhere upon this planet lovingly hold the immaculate concept of perfection for all the people of Earth, the Resurrection Flame blazes forth, awakening and reactivating the presence of the Christ in every human heart.

My beloved ones,

You are fully aware that your Earth has a body just as every one of you, and just as your physical body has a heart, Shamballa is the heart center for this blessed planet. As I was involved with the actual creation of your physical hearts, I also assisted in bringing forth the physical focus of Shamballa and its supporting activity, The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, primarily by holding the immaculate concept for the perfect manifestation of both.

I remember well the time when beloved El Morya determined to get everyone who would listen, to agree with and support the plan he believed with all of his heart would greatly increase the spiritual activity around this planet. Thus, he knew the Permanent Golden Age would more quickly become a manifest reality upon the Earth. Various obstacles were placed in his way and he was tested many, many times to see how dedicated he was to this endeavor.

Ultimately, no one with whom he enthusiastically shared his vision, was able to deny his great commitment and absolute devotion to his idea. Very quickly he had the support of the entire spiritual hierarchy to develop this bridge of consciousness that would allow all the blessings of God to be shared with the humankind of Earth, and the dispensation of energy was released for the manifestation of his plan. The specific difference between his plan and so many others that were unfolding upon the Earth was the fact that this magnificent bridge of light would include, not only energy from heaven's realms, but also the energy and actual physical assistance of so many dedicated lifestreams embodied upon the Earth, who were also deeply committed to assist in fulfilling beloved El Morya's greatest desire. Finally, a spiritual activity would come forth upon the Earth that would include and work through all the seven bodies of humanity!

Many years have come and gone since that time, and today I wish to remind you of his great vision. Back on September 11, 1954, at the inception of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, he stated emphatically to its founders; ... You have but ONE PURPOSE in mind and in heart which has been examined carefully by ourselves. That purpose and design is to form for us an arm of The Great White Brotherhood in the world of form; to act for us as a living body, to speak for us, to write for us, to carry our words, our message, and our activities into the receptive consciousness of the people of Earth!...

He went on to liken the activity of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom to a newborn infant as he gently placed this great love of his heart into the care of its founders on the physical plane, to guide and protect this activity as it grew and developed. Many guardians, teachers, supporters, and members came and went over the years, but the activity remained. It has always been enfolded in the love, light, and protection of the spiritual hierarchy, gently and quietly growing, becoming ever stronger, waiting for the time when the world would be prepared to fully accept and understand the need for an activity such as this.

Forty years have passed since that humble beginning and as this year of divine love represents the third step of the Seven Steps of Precipitation, the time has now come when Shamballa will blaze forth visible to the sight of all humanity and its supporting activity will enter fully into the outer affairs of man. Contemplate the enormity of such an endeavor! This activity must move into the outer world, becoming part of it. At the same time, it must also remain pure and clear of human creation to continue to function as it has in the past. This is where you come in, my beloved ones. I ask that you always support the activities taking place at the Heart Center and continue to visualize the perfect manifestation of this glorious plan.

As I now come to the end of my communication with you, I shall close by quoting beloved El Morya once again, for what he said back in 1954 is as true today as it was then; "... Move forward, be fearless, be loving, use God initiative, pour the momentums that are within your Causal Bodies forth! Be courteous, be poised, and be filled with enthusiasm, knowing that through this small open door there can flow into the world enough light and understanding, enough comprehension and application to set this planet free! . . ."

Those who now come to Shamballa will always be cells of the heart and compatible with the work done here at the Heart Center. Spiritual sifting and sorting is essential and good for growth and development, so that too will continue. Remember, this activity provides a forum for those of us in the ascended realms, enabling all humankind to receive our teachings in the purest form possible. We are the Head and you are the Hands, together we make up the Heart. I love, bless, and thank you for your continued service to life.

Mother Mary


Holy day

Easter                                      Sunday, April 16





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