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Welcome beloved chelas and seekers of divine truth to the website of an Ascended Master Activity of Light that has been active upon our blessed planet since the middle of the 20th century. Over the years this non-profit religious corporation has been known by several names: The Bridge to Freedom (1952 – 1979), The New Age Church of the Christ (1979 – 1986) and The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom (1986 – present). Three different names but always the same organization!

Within the pages of this website you will find the explanation of why this activity was created, our basic philosophy, the current year’s Thoughtform and Theme and other relevant information. We are currently working to complete an archive of all our books and other publications written over the years. This will include weekly letters, monthly magazines and some 90+ books by Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim and other great Beings of Light. We also have well over 100 tapes of classes from the 1950s which contain live discourses given through beloved Geraldine Innocente, and also from beloved Lucy Littlejohn from the 1970s and 80s; some of which will become available in due time. There may even be a few more surprises to share sometime in the future. . . . .

Now as we continue to fulfill our divine plan under the direct authority of beloved Ascended Master El Morya, all of our material will be offered freely to humanity, to use and enjoy.

The only two things we ask is that this material not be copyrighted by any individual or group as we do not give permission to do so, and that credit is given to The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom as the source of the material you use. This site is the official website: for this Activity of Light.

Additionally, we have two official Facebook pages: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and El Puente a la Libertad Espiritual. Several guided meditations can also be found on YouTube. Search for: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

I know there are many organizations and activities who claim The Bridge material as their own, even saying we no longer exist. We all have free will choice but someday they shall stand before the Karmic Board just as we all will…

There are, however, many, many small spiritual groups and dedicated individuals throughout this planet who work directly with The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and put the principles we offer into practice in their daily lives and share our teachings with others.  To you, beloved ones: “We are eternally grateful for your service to life and dedicate this website and all the Ascended Master’s divine wisdom and instructions contained within it to you each one!”


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