Spring Conference

Kenich Ahan

April 2, 1994

Beloved co-servers of ever-increasing light,

I welcome this opportunity, the first in many years, to address the students of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom and I bow before your light and love for this planet. It is extremely symbolic that we all come to the Heart Center during such a sacred time of spiritual activity for this planet, when the Resurrection Flame burns brightly in the hearts of all humanity.

As you know, it is I and members of my brotherhood, who guard the golden flame of life eternal which blazes forth from deep within the center of my temple in Yucatan. This flame contains the twelve-fold aspect of deity, the very nature of our beloved God-parents, Helios and Vesta, for this essence is magnetized by them, after being received directly from the aura of the Great Central Sun.

Every individual upon this planet has the opportunity to journey to this ancient and sacred focus when you have been sufficiently prepared at inner levels. Then, through your own Holy Christ Flame, you are enabled to absorb the pure essence of the golden flame of life eternal and use its perfect love, wisdom, and power to heal and harmonize all life.

You have all experienced another way in which a chela of The Bridge may assist life. During the final hour of 1993, the thoughtform and theme for the year was expanded and projected forth into all life upon the Earth, after you and the other chelas worldwide had lovingly received, absorbed and nourished those sacred words, released through the Heart Center, for an entire year.

The momentum built by this specific activity is very powerful indeed, and during the past year I AM sure all of you have observed that many of your inner and outer activities were influenced by the strength and power of God's magnificent First Ray. I remind you that, as students of the ascended masters, you must each work constantly to purify, protect, transmute and balance the energy that is released to you, as you respond to the incoming energies and thoughtforms you are receiving, and with which you are working.

Since the stroke of midnight, which brought in this glorious new year with its many golden opportunities, the momentum of the First Ray has also flooded the Earth. Each one of you listening to my words can easily think of many examples of this activity in action, which is affecting, not only the Earth, but all life upon it, for cosmic law states: What affects one, affects all! Depending upon the sensitivity and consciousness of each lifestream, the response to these energies can and will be very different.

As you have been working for an entire year with the energies of the First Ray, you well know your personal paths have not always been easy during that time. However, since the first day of the new year, you have turned your attention to a very different energy and vibration. Thus far, you have already had many opportunities to contemplate the qualities of wisdom, illumination and understanding.

Some of you have received additional cooperation from the elemental kingdom. They have given you the purity, solitude and quiet you required to enter the silence and receive the many gifts and blessings of God's magnificent Second Ray. You have had time to truly realize the great strides you have taken in your personal evolution! This time has also allowed your entire being, physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles, to shift from the rapid and active energy of the First Ray to the more quiet and gentle activity of the Second Ray.

Just as this change in vibratory action takes place here at the Heart Center of this activity, it also takes place within all the chelas and light workers everywhere, eventually spreading out to cover the entire planet. This has, indeed, been a very special and necessary time. You are each using this time of transition to increase your patience, understanding, or whatever is needed, not only for yourself, but for those around you.

As this transformation takes place within, you will receive more clarity, not only concerning your actions during the past several years but also for your many ideas and desires for this year of 1994, that are now firmly anchored in your consciousness. I AM sure that many of you will see particular patterns of influence brought to your attention over and over again. These are the qualities of unity, harmony and brotherhood.

This is a pivotal point in the evolution of the Earth. There will be, especially this year, tremendous activity flowing north and south along the Spirit Line of the Earth, as further preparations proceed according to the divine plan, as we all welcome in beloved Saint Germain's permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom. The connection of Shamballa with this work will be felt primarily along the Heart Line. I ask each one of you to tap into the flow of energy that runs along these grids, adding your personal momentums to this activity, as all light workers now join together forming the Life Line in this concentrated vibratory activity that will assist in raising the consciousness of all life.

Before you go to sleep and begin your nightly sojourns, make your request to work in my Temple of Illumination, for it is open to the chelas all year. Your assistance will be welcome, as I greet each and every one of you with open arms. Upon entering and working within the temple, stand often before the flame and receive into your physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies the great light that emanates forth. Use this energy and add it to the gifts contained within your causal body. Manifest the theme for this year. Become the radiating sun of your own God perfection!

Kenich Ahan





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